Betting on Ice Hockey?

Have you ever placed a bet on the hockey? AS a fan of the sport I’m sure many of you have had a flutter. However did you know there is a way to bet completely risk free and still make money. Well with matched betting you can lock in profit on all your bets. You just need the right instructions! That is where Oddsmonkey comes in to play. You can find out more about it with this review of oddsmonkey.

Matched betting is simply a great way to make extra money every month. Basically we are backing all outcomes on a sporting event such as hockey and then once the bet is over we have won no matter what! Sounds too good to be true I know but there are some really clever maths involved and by betting different amounts depending on the odds we can lock in a profit. This usually involves a free bet but there a few other methods such as dutching.

Other matched betting sites like Profit Accumulator offer a similar service but they are more expensive and generally best ignored. You don’t need to be a mug punter to make money every month. Bet smart and win every time with matched betting!

I am no gambling advocate, in fact I am dead against all forms of gambling but the beauty of this is that it is not gambling. There is never any risk to your money as we are laying all our bets off at Betfair exchange. Betfair allows us to bet against an outcome so if at the bookmaker we back a horse to win and betfair we are backing the horse not to win. That brings every event down to 2 outcomes either your bet wins at the bookie or loses but the opposite happens at betfair. If you lose at the bookie you win at betfair and visa versa.

Then we unlock free bets from the bookie and use the same backing and laying method to lock in a profit every single time. I have made around £1000 per month from this tactic for the last few months and you can too. Just get signed up and start learning and earning today.